ECOSAL-UK Projects
in the UK

During 2017 we are preparing applications for new research projects into our salt heritage in conjunction with the Centre for Applied Archaeology at Salford University.

1. Multi-discipline research into the  process of sleeching, or sandwashing, where brine is prepared from salt-rich sand.

2. The history of timber-framed building construction in Northwich, Cheshire to withstand ground movement caused by wild brine pumping and subsidence caused by rock salt mining. With specific reference to Brine Board records.

3. 3-d graphics as a way to produce a consistent approach to the interpret all the methods of evaporating brine to make white salt

4. Re-interpretation of archaeological excavations carried out on salt making sites.

Andrew Fielding and Ecosal-UK are assisting Winsford Town Council in the production of a Viability Plan to advise on the conservation, repair and refurbishment of the Brunner Guildhall

The study was commissioned in May 2018 and should be completed by September..

In 1899 the Guildhall was the gift of Sir John Thomlinson Brunner MP and owner of Brunner Mond & Co a salt and alkali company.

As such it has cultural associations to the Cheshire salt industry.

Winsford Town Council web site