Salina in a Garden

Proposals for the Welsh Route

Tomb of a Salt Officer, Crosscanonby, Cumbria

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Pre-Industrial Salinas     Historic England pdf

Rural landscapes between the East Fen and the Tofts in south-east Lincolnshire 1100–1550

Prof I G Simmons

Landscape History Volume 34, Issue 1, 2013

A Century of Change on the Lindsey Marshland : Marshchapel 1540-1640

Teresa Maybury

PhD Thesis

Thomas Birtles Photographic Survey of Northwich 1891-1892  

Andrew and Annelise Fielding A&A Fielding Ltd

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Newsletters of the Ecosal-Atlantis Project

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El Alfoli - Newsletter of Friends of Inland Salinas, Spain


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A history of salt and saline since prehistory, through themes dealing with archaeology, geography, ethnology or ecology and about production, techniques, landscapes and trade.

An output of the EU Ecosal-Atlantis project covering the Atlantic coast of Portugal, Spain, France and the UK.

Multiple authors.   Published in French.

Published  4 Jan 2018              45,00 €